Weddinguide: 6 ideas on how to entertain your wedding guests during your couple photoshoot

The couple photoshoot on the wedding day gets more and more important. Pictures that show your affection and love for each other, a moment of intimacy on a busy and exciting day.

To capture that beautifully, about one hour designated for the couple shoot is recommended. This way you'll get the chance to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera and to capture all of your ideas.

Although the question that pops up the most is:
What will out wedding guests do, when we're gone for an hour?

Here are 6 ideas on how to keep your guests entertained, while you're enjoying your couple photoshoot.

It starts with different 'getting-to-know-each-other'-actions, of which some are done once and others can start during that period of time and will continue throughout the whole day. Usually the maid of honour or the best man take on the role of the showmasters.

The search game

Every guest gets the task to find a certain other guest. This task can be written on a regular card or a scratchcard. This way the guests easily start talking and the groups of people get mixed up a little. Whoever doesn't want to take part, can give his card to someone else, for example the kids, who will usually have fun playing this game.
The tasks could be like:

Find the person, that
- was in Thailand before

- has a car named Lotta
- lived abroad for several years
- has 5 siblings
- went on a camping trip with the bride and groom
- was the seatmate of the groom in primary school


This is a wonderful way to get to know the other guest's faces and names. This book is like a little year book and contains a portrait and a couple of information about each guest. You can also add one or two keywords about each person, that can be discussed when meeting that person.
For example:
Anna - plays guitar, lived abroad
You can also add how they are connected to the bride and groom. The keywords can be picked by the bride and the groom or asked for in the wedding invitation.

Tasks during the wedding day:
Each guest gets a task for the day. This task can again be written on cards or scratchcards. You can also change this game into a secret one, meaning, that the tasks have to be completed without anyone else realising it's a set task. It can be part of the game that the guests should try to figure out what a person's task is.

Tasks could be:
- push back all the chairs in the room
- keep drinking a toast to something

- keep jingling a glass so the bride and the groom have to kiss
- make a compliment to 5 people
- hit the dancefloor every single time a song by the Backstreet Boys is being played
- steal the groom's drink
- take a picture with the guy wearing the coolest tie
- take a selfie with the wedding cake


Buy or make a pretty wooden or paper box und empty cards. Give a card to each guest and let them write down some ideas for date nights. You can also let them collect ideas for example for weekend-trips or dinners-to-be-cooked-for-the-partner etc.

Games for outside:
It also is a good idea to have some games to play outside and not only for children. Very popular these days are games like:
- Tossing games
- XXL-Jenga
- Throwing cans
- Hula hooping
- Giant bubbles

The guestbook:
One of the best memorabilia for the bride and the groom is probably the guest book. It's a wonderful opportunity for the guests to leave a lovely message and whishes for the bride and the groom and nowadays there are many aternatives to a regular scrap book: for example
- a guestbook full of polaroids
- a globe to write on
- a guestbook jenga
- a fingerprint tree





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Weddinguide: 6 Ideen zur Beschäftigung eurer Gäste während des Brautpaarshootings

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