Weddingguide: Wedding Checklist

Finally engaged. Your belly is full of swirling butterflies as soon as your gaze wanders off to your hand. Finally it's there, the ring, that is the starting point for your wedding planning. And more and more things pop into your mind, that have to be thought of while planning your special day.

To bring a bit of structure to this chaos of thoughts, here's a little wedding checklist, that's supposed to give you a hand. It contains a rough time schedule, but please keep in mind:

The sooner, the better.

Especially when it comes to booking the wedding venue and the vendors. A lot of wedding venues for example are booked out two years in advance and that's why it's so important, that you start with that search early on.

To begin with: Sit down with your fiancé and talk about your budget and each of your 3 main priorities. Which ones overlap? Set your budget and try to stick to it.

Here's an overview of most of the things, that need to be booked/made/bought, if you want them to be part of your wedding day:

- wedding venue

- photographer

- church wedding/civil wedding

- wedding speaker/officiant

- wedding planner

- make-up-artist/stylist

- musician/band/dj

- wedding cake

- stationary (menu cards, invitations etc.)

- wedding dress

- suit

- flowers (bouquet, for decoration etc.)

- presents for groomsmen, bridesmaids

- transport for guests and bride and groom

- accommodations

- photo-booth

- wedding rings


Now, let's get started on the schedule. Again, the sooner, the better. Of course, most of these things are individual and might come at a different time or you won't have them at all.



12+ Months before
[  ] Set your budget and create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of your outgoings
[  ] Create a moodboard, e.g. on Pinterest to collect ideas and inspiration for a wedding theme, dress etc.
[  ] Find the theme/style of your wedding
[  ] Do research on wedding venues and visit them

[  ] Write your guest list
[  ] Hire a wedding planner
[  ] Do research on all vendors (availabilities, prices, styles)

[  ] Hire a stationer
[  ] Send "save-the-date"-cards (printed or online)
[  ] Meet with friends, who already got married and ask for their advice on wedding planning (dos and don'ts)

12-10 Months before
[  ] Contact your officiant
[  ] Get all the needed documents for making your wedding legal

[  ] Go wedding dress shopping
[  ] Meet up with your vendors (photographer, florist etc.) and talk about your wishes/ideas
[  ] Check your budget
[  ] Book your vendors
[  ] Talk about your honeymoon ideas
[  ] Discuss dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls, civil wedding outfits
[  ] Talk about maybe taking dance classes for the first dance
[  ] Apply for holiday at work for the wedding and the honeymoon

[  ] Talk to friends and family and ask, who could take over some tasks

9-8 Months before
[  ] Order your wedding dress so there's enough time for alterations
[  ] Buy the suit
[  ] Book accommodations for guests/let them know where to book
[  ] Book an appointment with your officiant to go through the contents of the ceremony


7-6 Months before
[  ] Make an appointment for the civil wedding
[  ] Buy the wedding rings
[  ] Do research on decoration/equipment (what to buy/hire/diy?)
[  ] Create a first seat chart
[  ] Check if you need to book a shuttle for the guests
[  ] Discuss the details with your vendors (e.g. flowers for decoration)
[  ] Buy the outfits for the civil wedding
[  ] Plan entertainment for the kids attending the wedding (games, childcare)
[  ] Book your honeymoon
[  ] Check the validity of your passports

[  ] Make/buy invitations, menu cards, name cards, church books..

[  ] Make an appointment for a trial styling with your stylist
[  ] Plan decoration for e.g. church
[  ] Buy/make a guest book
[  ] Discuss a whish list


5-4 Months before

[  ] Order the cake
[  ] Plan the rehearsal and make sure all the important people can attend
[  ] Confirm the decoration details
[  ] Perhaps another meeting with your officiant

[  ] Make sure you really have all the necessary documents for the civil wedding
[  ] Get all the travel vaccines needed for the honeymoon
[  ] Collect all the names and the addresses for the "thank you"-cards
[  ] Take dance classes
[  ] Buy/make a ring pillow/box
[  ] Set the schedule for the wedding day
[  ] Check the parking availabilities for the ceremony, the reception etc.
[  ] Book a shuttle for the guests
[  ] Send the invitations (e.g. with questions about food allergies)

3 Months before
[  ] Set the menu
[  ] Book a after-wedding-breakfast
[  ] Organise the last decoration items

2 Months before
[  ] Write your wedding vows
[  ] Buy/make presents for the groomsmen/bridesmaids
[  ] Find a song for the first dance
[  ] Check all the due dates for the payments
[  ] Make an appointment to grab lunch with your bridesmaids in the week before the wedding

6 Weeks before

[  ] Order all the stationary
[  ] Create a playlist for the dinner, cake time, getting ready..
[  ] Have the last fitting
[  ] Write a little to-do-list for the groom (polish shoes, wear cufflinks, suspenders, bow-tie or tie, make sure suit is on hangers and doesn't get wrinkles, record a little video message etc.)

3-2 Weeks before
[  ] Talk to your vendors again and make sure they have the numbers of the maid of honour and best men for emergencies
[  ] Follow up on outstanding R.S.V.P.s
[  ] Precise the seat chart
[  ] Have the presents for the groomsmen/bridesmaids ready and write a little note to them
[  ] Break in your shoes (!)
[  ] Have all the decoration and stationary ready
[  ] Practice your wedding vows
[  ] Collect the wedding dress
[  ] Discuss, who's in charge of the presents

1 Week before
[  ] Give your final number of guests to the venue and the caterer
[  ] Have a lot of sleep, you'll gonna need it
[  ] Check the weather forecast
[  ] Grab lunch with your bridesmaids
[  ] Walk in your shoes again
[  ] Confirm your vendors again
[  ] Make sure all due payments are dealt with
[  ] Prepare envelopes with tips for vendors
[  ] Pack your suitcase for the honeymoon

[  ] Collect all the documents needed for the honeymoon
[  ] Get your engagement ring polished
[  ] Have a coffee with your parents-in-law to connect with them and check, if they need anything


2 Days before
[  ] Make sure, the schedule is known by everyone
[  ] Pack your suitcase for the wedding
[  ] Pack your emergency-bag (tights, plasters, mint bonbon etc.)
[  ] Give wedding rings to the ring carrier


1 Day before
[  ] Have your rehearsal
[  ] Bring all the necessary items to the venue
[  ] Have a manicure/pedicure
[  ] Decorate the wedding venue
[  ] Charge your phones
[  ] Check-In to the honeymoon flights

The Evening before
[  ] Use an eye-creme you know to avoid puffiness
[  ] Stay sober, you're gonna drink a lot on the next day
[  ] Write a letter to your partner talking about your excitement, give them to each other e.g. on your first anniversary
[  ] Set a sleeping time and stick to it
[  ] Have a tidy room, so you don't panic next day, because you can't find something, plus it looks better on the picures

The big day
[  ] Have breakfast (!)
[  ] Record a little 2-minute message for your partner before the ceremony
[  ] Brush your teeth before the ceremony

Have an unforgettable day!


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