Weddingguide: A media designers tips on wedding stationary and colour palettes


 Invitations. Menu cards. Seat charts. Save-the-Date. Colour themes.

The charming Cecile from So Kreate Studio has given me an interview on how to work with colour palettes, what types of wedding stationary there are to design and what her most important tips on the topic of wedding stationary are.

Keep reading to get some useful advice and to get a better idea on what to consider while deciding on your stationary and colours for the wedding.

What kind of stationery do people usually get?
"These days, there is a wide variety of stationery options. With that being said, you can choose from printed, digital or a combination of the two stationary types.

The most popular at the moment is a combination between digital and printed stationery.
Printed stationary works best for the close friends and family and usually a digital invitation is sent out to the rest of the guests. This does reduce costs and is a more practical option.

Many brides also prefer the full printed packages from invitations to the branding and stationery on the day. This to me, is a beautiful remembrance to the bride and grooms special day and always adds an extra personal touch. It does however also depend on the wedding budget. "

What has to be on "Save the Date"-Cards?
"The save the date card is merely the basic information about the wedding day. It serves to 'save the date' in ones calendar and should reflect this purpose. If more than the required information is added, it serves as an invitation rather than a 'save the date'.
The main information on the save the date should include:
/ Date of the wedding
/ The couple's names
/ Venue (This is usually necessary if it is a wedding abroad and the guests would need to plan traveling ahead of time)"

How long in advance should couples deal with their stationary? How long does it take to get it printed?
"All wedding couples are different but I would say to be safe, at least 6 months before the wedding. A lot does change in those 6 months but at the same time it gives the wedding stationer the chance to really craft the stationery.


The save the date is the most important and should always go out first and if the wedding is a destination wedding, this could sometimes be sent even a year in advance.

The wedding invitation can be sent out latest a month or two before the wedding date if a save the date has already been sent out.

The stationery on the wedding day could be looked at a month or two before the wedding to leave enough time for printing. All printers differ but the average amount of days the printing usually takes is 5-10 days."

What is more popular these days: Printed or digital? (for invitations/save the date)         
"Definitely a combination of the two. The most popular is to provide printed invitations to close family and friends and digital invitations to the rest of the wedding guests."

What are the colour trends for 2019? In UK/Europe? South Africa?

"Colour trends all over the world are very similar and I would say mostly rely on the season of the wedding.
Pastels are a big trend at the moment when it comes to spring and summer weddings whereas darker shades of colours are more evident in autumn and winter weddings."



The safest and most popular trend at the moment is also 'Greenery'  which is a versatile colour palette for all seasons."

How to work with colour palettes? 
"The colour palette is the first thing I request from brides. It sets the tone for the wedding and creates the mood. I work from this as inspiration and try and either match the floral colours or if it is a very busy colour palette, I usually try and combine it wth a more simplistic look for the stationery."


Any tips on what to be aware of working with a colour theme?
"The most important advice I can give is that once you have chosen you theme and colour palette, to stick with it and purposely not look around for anything else. This goes for everything during planning a wedding; dress choices, flowers, cakes and music etc.

The more you look around for other options, the more you will get confused and will want to constantly change everything."

What advice would you give couples on both topics?
"Stick to you gut and have a clear idea of wedding. Draw up a moodboard for yourself and work from there. Decisions is the hardest to make during wedding planning but once you have made one, try not to change it.


Wedding planning is fun when you stick to you 'plan'."

Thank you, Cecilie, for this very helpful interview and your advice!




Cecile Heunis, the owner of So Kreate Studio, is a South African stationer and web designer. Her eye for detail and talent for combining colours, shapes and fonts make her a highly demanded vendor, not only in her home country, but also in London, where she's based since summer 2018.


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