A couple photoshoot full of laughter in London

On one of the warmer December days in London, I met Kelsey and Aram for a couple photoshoot in the boroughs of Farringdon and Barbican. Two hours before the couple photoshoot I checked the weather forecast again and everything was fine. Apart from a couple of clouds, there was nothing else shown on the graphics. After more than a year in London, I strangely had the thought to believe in the forecast and of course, as it was London, the weather changed within half an hour.

As I arrived to the meeting point, the two of them were huddled underneath an umbrella and beaming. If I had to pick one thing I'd definitely keep in mind forever about that couple photoshoot in London, it'd be their laughter. Those guys are so funny and cheerful and I'm so sad I didn't meet them earlier.

Kelsey and Aram are freshly in love. She moved to London from Calgary, Canada in September 2018 for studying and he's a director and film maker.
Together they're simply adorable.
Tons of giggles, butterflies in their stomachs and fresh love are what you see by looking at them.
Before we started shooting, we chatted and chatted in front of the first location and at some point we realised, why we were there in the first place and started with the couple shoot.

The time with Kelsey and Aram flew by and there wasn't even a hint of Aram's and Kelsey's announced shyness in front of the camera (I still got the image of Aram jumping around and asking where I'd like to have them now, in my head).
There's barely a picture in which they aren't laughing their heads off or are busy beaming at each other and it was so amazing to be allowed to see and capture this joy.

Enjoy going through our couple photoshoot full of laughter in London!









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