Hungarian wedding by the lake

Being asked to be a bridesmaid was one of the biggest honours I was ever given. My dear friend Betty was going to marry her Arthur in May in Hungary and I was allowed to be a part of this amazing day.

Betty was one of my colleagues in a café in London and we clicked right away. To build such a strong friendship in such short time was wonderful. And the cherry on top was her asking me to be one of her bridesmaids.

The wedding in Hungary took place by a beautiful lake.
The bridesmaids walked in first and as the music changed to the theme song of Jurrasic Park, Betty, stunning as she was, with her two-part-wedding dress and her white vans, walked down the aisle. Even though I couldn't understand a word that was said during the ceremony, tears ran down on my face. It was amazing to watch one of my closest friends getting married underneath a wedding arch surrounded by friends and family.

We had a great evening, with lots of dancing, including a traditional Hungarian dance, which is a lot of fun and I'm so happy to have had the chance to be there on that day.

Here are some pictures I took, while not being busy as a bridesmaid. Hope you enjoy them.












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