Europe travel couple photoshoot in London

I was so lucky to be able to do a photoshoot in London with these two lovebirds, who were currently on a one month travel through Europe. They had exactly one day left in between arrival and departure in London and that's why I'm even happier they took the time for this photoshooting in London on that Wednesday afternoon. We met in Camden Town and walked relaxed in the direction of the Primrose Hill, a beautiful hill and park from which you have an amazing view onto the London skyline.

This walk through the pretty streets of London took a little longer as we couldn't possibly walk passed all these great locations. After a quick detour to the river, we slowly got closer to the Primrose Hill Park.

This location was simply made for these two lovebirds. The width, the sun, the light breeze made them let loose completely. Literally speaking. What a great evening with these two Australians in London.










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